Quartz Counter Polishing and Repair

Quartz Counter Polishing and Repair

We made two customers extremely happy today. One contractor/re-modeler and a homeowner. Their new Engineered Stone kitchen counters had a small lip in the seam so the “granite guy” ground it down. The results were not acceptable and the counter was in danger of being replaced.

When I got there it looked pretty bad in person, even worse that the before pictures. The surface needed to be carefully sanded to insure that all of the wheel marks from the grinder were removed and the surface was returned to a polish.

Before and After Pictures of the Repair

Engineered Stone Before Polishing Repair Engineered Stone Countertop with scratch marks from previous repair attempt
Engineered stone counter top after polishing repair Engineered Stone after repair and polishing

The results are a little shinier than the original polish but both customers were thrilled.

About Ted McFadden: Ted is the owner of Sureshine Care and Restoration Services, Inc. in Orange County California with an office in Morgan Hill, California. Ted has been polishing and restoring natural stone and tile since 1987, has written a book on the subject and teaches a four day intensive hands on seminar to teach interested students the stone restoration trade. If you are in need of services in Southern California, please call us at (800)378-0266 or email info@sureshinecares.com.