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Travertine Step Repair in California


Sureshine recently completed a step repair. This step was broken by the impact of a large, heavy object. The break was compounded by the absence of  the right amount of setting material to support the step. If the base under the step was fully covered, the damage would have been much less extensive. Our repair encompassed the resetting of the multiple piece in the large broken area, Applying epoxy to the seam between the two pieces to keep them as tight as possible, and filling the large chip that you can see on the left side of the break.

Travertine Step Repair - Before

Large Chip in Travertine Step Repair - Before

Large Chip in Travertine Step Repair - Before


Travertine Step Repair - Completed

Large Chip in Travertine Step Repair - Completed


This repair was a total success. It would have been nice if the customer had been able to keep the large piece that broke out on the left side, but at Sureshine we have some pretty amazing technicians who were able to match this surface rather well. The customer called him a miracle worker!

About Ted McFadden: Ted is the owner of Sureshine Care and Restoration Services, Inc. in Orange County California with an office in Morgan Hill, California. Ted has been polishing and restoring natural stone and tile since 1987, has written a book on the subject and teaches a four day intensive hands on seminar to teach interested students the stone restoration trade. If you are in need of services in Southern California, please call us at (800)378-0266 or email