How to Take Care of Marble Counters

Newly Refinished and polished marble counters can be difficult to maintain. Following a few simple rules can keep your counters looking great for years!

After Sureshine refinishes your marble counters to their original “like new appearance, use these simple maintenance guidelines to keep them looking new for years. Call us today to make your marble counters look like new. (800)378-0266.

Marble Counter Care and Maintenance
When caring for your Marble Counters it is important to remember a few simple rules.

  1. Water is the enemy of marble, especially polished marble. Water carries dust and other particulates into the stone and dries. This causes the dark soiling to accumulate in the small holes and grout. When this happens, professional services are needed to restore your counters.
  2. Use trays and other protective measures to keep liquids off of your counters. Acid containing products such as beverages, cleaning products, and other household chemicals can etch your marble counters.

Tools to have on hand:

  1. Small nylon grout brush
  2. EasyOxy Cleaner
  3. Finishing Touch Ultra
  4. Diluted Bleach – 4oz to a 32oz squirt bottle of water (not for polished surfaces)
  5. MB11 Etch Remover
  6. Microfiber towels
  7. Sealer
  8. Appropriate Safety Gear

Evaluate Surfaces to and prepare to begin maintenance:

  1. Check all grout areas especially around back splash. Repair gaps immediately with non-sanded grout or the appropriately colored silicone caulking.

Daily Maintenance:

  1. After use, dry the surface especially between the fixtures. This will prevent the hard water corrosion that diminishes the shine and leaves crusty residues around the fixtures.
  2. Use coasters and trays for all cosmetics, toothpaste, and soap. Keeping these items off the surface will reduce the need for professional maintenance.

Ongoing Maintenance:

  1. Spray the surface with EasyOxy as necessary and buff clean with Microfiber cloth.
  2. Use EasyOxy on the counter, fixtures, and sink bowl.
  3. Use Finishing Touch Ultra as often as needed to maintain the shine and condition the surface.

Yearly or as Needed:

  1. Use MB-11 to remove etches from polished counters. It is not a replacement for professional services, but will remove light and even moderate etching and return the surface to near new condition.
  2. Periodically apply sealer to the surface to reduce water penetration and provide piece-of-mind against staining.

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