How to Care For Granite Counters

How to Care For Granite Counters

Granite Counter with tray under soap dispenser and drip pan protecting surface.
Granite Counter with tray under soap dispenser and drip pan protecting surface. Take care of your counters and they will last years longer and cost less to maintain.

Use these easy instructions to care for your granite counters. All of the products are available at Call us at anytime to make your counters look like new again or to have any repairs done so you can “start fresh” with these great suggestions.

When caring for your Granite Counters it is important to remember a few simple rules.

  1. Water is the enemy of granite, especially prolonged exposure. This kind of exposure occurs around the sink and especially soap dispensers.
  2. While granite is very resistant to heat and hot pots; it is never advisable to set a boiling pot directly on your granite counter (or any other counter). Rapid expansion from heat is unpredictable. Using coasters and trivets will insure that damage of this kind does not occur.
  3. Sealers should be used periodically to enhance stain repellency and to generally make the surface easier to clean. We like the occasional use of Wipe N Seal (Step 2) for this.

Supplies to have on hand:

  1. EasyOxyCleaner or Reflect
  2. Stone Scrub
  3. Wipe N Seal Pack or individual steps
  4. Finishing Touch Ultra ā€“ Granite Countertop Revitalizer
  5. Repellent Wash (if necessary)
  6. Microfiber towels
  7. Small container of Denatured Alcohol
  8. Appropriate Safety Gear

Evaluate Surfaces to begin maintenance:

  1. Check all Backsplash grout areas as well as sink caulking areas for holes or gaps. Re-apply the necessary material if applicable.
  2. Look for dark spots or stains in your granite. Stains will require removal methods including the use of a poultice and treatments with solvents.
  3. Run your hand over all of the surfaces for roughness or residues. This is build-up that occurs over time from all many different sources. A single edge razor blade can be used to remove this kind of residue (use only one side, never turn it over).

Daily Maintenance:

  1. After food prep, spray the surface with EasyOxy or Reflect and buff clean with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Blot spills immediately to remove and apply EasyOxy or Reflect as necessary.
  3. Anytime the surface is used, wipe it down and dry it.

Weekly or Bi-weekly Maintenance:

  1. Spray the surface with EasyOxy as necessary and buff clean with Microfiber cloth.
  2. Apply Finishing Touch Ultra and gently rub it into the surface.Some customers like to let it haze a little for a more durable finish. Some customers like to spread it out and buff it off. We have found that either method works well to deliver a smooth easy to clean surface.
  3. Use EasyOxy or Reflect on the glass and metal with a clean microfiber. If your glass has been treated with Wipe N Seal you should not have any mineral deposits to remove. Mineral deposits can be removed by rubbing liberally with StoneScrub. StoneScrub residue can be removed with EasyOxy or Reflect.

Bi-yearly or Every Six Months:

  1. Check the back splash and sealant around the sink for holes. Patch or remove and replace as necessary. If your kitchen is a two centimeter lamination (west coast) you should always be conscious of the sealant around your sink on the front side where you stand.
  2. This area is susceptible to cracking due to the use of steel support rods. When moisture is introduced to the underside of the counter in that area, the rod will rust and expand causing a long crack parallel to the edge of the counter.
  3. Check all areas around faucets and the sink for mineral deposits regularly. This can be removed using StoneScrub mild abrasive cleaner or #00 steel wool. Some heavy scale can be removed using one side of a single edge razor blade.

Every couple of years or as needed:

  1. Test your counters to insure that water and oil will not absorb. You can do this by placing a small amount of hot water and/or a small drop or olive oil on the surface and allow to sit for five to ten minutes. If there is a dark spot upon removal it is time to seal.
  2. Use EasyOxy to remove any residues from the counter and wipe clean.
  3. Apply Wipe N Seal to the counter in two steps. This process takes minutes and cures even faster. Follow the directions on the packs.
  4. Your newly sealed counters can be maintained daily with EasyOxy and periodically with Repellent Wash to help reinforce the Wipe N Sea.

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