Marble floors are one of the hardest materials to keep looking great in any high trafficked area. We have found that much of the damage that occurs is not the result of guests and more a result of overspray from cleaning chemicals. Toilet and sink cleaners, some glass and metal cleaners, and other abrasive materials can have serious effects on the condition of your marble.

The first step to keeping your marble floors and vanities looking great is using cleaners for surrounding areas that will not etch or damage marble. If you need help with choosing the right product, contact your contracted chemical representative.

Or call Sureshine. We can get you an answer. Then we will evaluate your surfaces for restoration, provide a demonstration, and bring your marble back to like new condition.

We are at your service. Call or email Sureshine for any reason for any stone related question. Click the ask the expert button at any time go to our forum. There you can browse and see what others have asked and ask your questions for immediate answers.

When it comes to cost effective restoration services for hotels and other properties, Sureshine delivers. We have completed many projects involving marble floors and vanities in hotel bathrooms throughout our primary service area in Southern California. Projects have been completed in Las Vegas and other parts of the southwest as well.

Our Clients include Hilton Resorts, Pala Hotel and Casino, Boeing, Disney, MGM, Universal, Doubletree, Marriott, Crowne Plaza, Irvine Company, Olen, Optima, Simon Malls (Westminster Mall), and countless other properties.