Natural stone shower care and restoration made easy

Natural stone shower care is easier than it seems.

When it comes to taking care of natural stone showers out customers have gotten a lot of conflicting advice over the years. Squeegee the wall, dry them with a towel, don’t squeegee, leave the door open, use bleach in corners, never use bleach, the advice from professionals goes on and on and in many cases is full of contradictions.

It seems that all of this advice leaves clients with more questions than answers. Sureshine understands this confusion and has worked hard over the years to take the guess work out of your long term shower care. During your evaluation a skilled stone restoration expert will look at the problem areas and  offer concrete ways to ensure that your shower will stay cleaner longer.

Some maintenance suggestions include:102_0028

  1. Getting rid of the soap scum causing bar soap. Doing this one thing can cut long term maintenance costs and headaches in half. We recommend using liquid soap.
  2. Squeegeeing or wiping down the walls after each use or after the last shower of the day. This will prevent minerals in water from bonding to the stone causing spotting and eventually mineral build-up. This can happen even with a potassium based water softener.
  3. Use only cleaners that are specifically designed not to hurt marble. If it says “marble” it also will be safe for travertine and limestone. Easyoxy multi-surface cleaner from is a great clean102_0034er that can be used to clean everything in your home except glass. We highly recommend it.
  4. On honed or textured shower floors, the corners can be hard to clean. Periodic use of a dilute bleach solution in the corners will eliminate mold and mildew and will wash down the drain during your showers. Just allow to sit for five to ten minutes and allow your shower to run a minute longer before entering.
  5. Call Sureshine if you ever have any questions or need service.

Long lasting stone shower restoration.

Sureshine will restore your natural stone shower back to its original “like new” condition, reseal the surfaces, repair missing grout or regrout areas as needed, and provide advice to maximize the condition over the long term.

Services that Sureshine provides on natural stone showers includes:

  1. Refinishing the stone surface to a hone, satin or polished finish. This service will remove minerals lines and build-up, acid marks from improper cleaners, and soap scum. The surface is wet sanded and honed to the desired finish and sealed.
  2. When the grout around the perimeter of the shower is missing, it can cause serious long term problems. Whenever you see gaps or holes in the floor grout it should be repaired immediately. We recommend not using the shower until it is repaired so the pan does not fill up with water or can be sufficiently dry for the repair to hold. Grout color can be inconsistent around a shower perimeter when the gap has been left open for awhile. This is the result of water wicking up from under the grout.
  3. Deep cleaning of travertine, marble, limestone, and tile showers is a common service that we offer. The surfaces are deep cleaned with chemicals and mild abrasives to remove as much of the contaminants from stone and grout as possible. Please keep in mind that grout is porous, and even the cleanest grout can have tonal color differences differences when the service is competed.

Over the years I have posted project videos on my youtube account.  Check them out below to see what you can expect from your shower restoration and give us a call at 800-378-0266 with any questions or to schedule your complimentary evaluation.

Marble shower restoration, polishing, and sealing

Travertine shower deep cleaning, mold and mildew removal, and sealing

About the author:

Ted is the owner of Sureshine Care and Restoration Services, Inc. in Orange County California with an office in Morgan Hill, California. Ted has been polishing and restoring natural stone and tile since 1987, has written a book on the subject and teaches a four day intensive hands on seminar to teach interested students the stone restoration trade. If you are in need of services in Southern California, please call us at (800)378-0266 or email